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As we have communicated at our founding:

“We are not a conventional equities fund. We do not intend to become one.“

Daniel Gehlen & Marc-Lennart Bräutigam


Investment Philosophy

We are convinced that above-average returns are most readily achieved by focusing on parts of the market which are not efficient and by operating free from institutional constraints.

We focus on European small & micro caps. Small caps offer not only a higher probability for mispricings, they also represent the largest segment in terms of the number of companies.

Our in-depth research process includes a detailed examination of the company and its intrinsic value, supported by discussions with management, industry experts, customers, and (former) employees.

We act very opportunistically and only invest when we see deep undervaluations. We hold the best ideas in a concentrated portfolio.

About Us

The Gehlen Bräutigam Capital GmbH is based in Berlin and was founded in 2018. It acts as the initiator and investment advisor of the Gehlen Braeutigam Value HI fund.

We have a long-term vision with both our investing and company goals. Therefore, we are exclusively looking for like-minded investors who want to invest with us in partnership.

Our interests are aligned with our co-investors as we ourselves are invested in the fund with the largest part of our private assets. We are focused 100% on the goal of achieving the highest possible return over the long term.

We limit our fund volume, as we want to offer our co-investors a sustainably attractive solution for long-term wealth creation.


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Founder & Managing Partner


Founder & Managing Partner


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